I want a Marathi Search Engine … wait there is one

I was thinking the other day that how nice it would be if I can search on the web with Marathi input. I write some blogs in Marathi, some poems, stories etc. Won’t it be nice if my aunt can search for my name in Marathi or the name of my poem in Marathi? Then I discovered that google already has such a facility.

So how do you search in Google in Marathi?

There are three steps

1. Go to http://www.google.co.in/intl/mr/

2. Use an input method editor to input search text in Marathi. I used Baraha. I hope all the input method editors will work.

3. Click the button “Google शोध”.

E.g. I searched for me as “सुमोद” in this page and the results came up as


You will not see the text here because the Marathi text was in unicode and that could not get pasted here.


  1. wwoooooooh! I was really in need of it! Where you got this info? It’s really amazing! I was even unaware of such a facility by google!

    Thanks again for such a wonderful piece of info!

  2. or you can also visit http://www.marathijag.com On this website there is a search option on the right panel and you can actually type Marathi words in English and they get converted to marathi and then you can hit search button to search those words.. any Marathi words

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